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SSIS Interview Questions & Answers for Fresher, Experienced


Are you looking for a job as an SSIS professional, you are at the right place.! Here we will cover all the important questions that can be asked in SSIS Job Interview to an experienced or fresher candidate. Today there are lot of companies looking for SSIS professionals. Here you will get a list of questions that can be asked to the professionals by interviewers in 2020.

For better understanding, we have segregated the list of SSIS interview questions into 2 different categories.

SSIS Interview Questions Answer for Fresher

What is SSIS?

The Full form of SSIS is SQL Server Integration Services. SSIS is a component of Microsoft SQL Server, which is used to accomplish a broad range of data transformation and migration tasks. It is basically an ETL tool that handles data extraction, transformation, and load operations.

Enlist important SSIS components of the package.

Following are the most important component of SSIS package;

  • Data flow
  • Control flow
  • Package Explorer
  • Event handler
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How to Explain the control flow integration of SSIS?

Using CFD you can link the tasks logically and program them graphically. The three logical connectors that are used in SSIS are success, failure and complete. FX (expression) help us to handle the more complex tasks.

Differences between SSIS and Informatica?

SecuritySecure to useSecure to use
Administration & MaintenanceEasy to useDifficult to maintain
Ease of UseEasy to implement SSISModerate
PerformancePerforms well for Medium SQL server environmentPerforms well for Medium SQL server environment
ProductivityModerateHigh while implementing large applications
Product MaturityYounger to InformaticaElder than SSIS
CostNo costExpensive

Enlist the types of containers that can be used with SSIS packages.

Three types of containers are used in SSIS Packages:

  • Sequence Container
  • For loops Container
  • For each loop Container

How can the deployment utilities be created?

Explain the data flow in SSIS.

Define a task in the SSIS

List various types of files or connections that support SSIS.

 Explain the Precedence Constraint in SSIS.

 What are the connection managers in SSIS?

SSIS Interview Questions Answer for Experienced


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