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Sanity Testing Introduction and What is the Difference Between Smoke And Sanity Testing?

sanity testing

There are two most important and misunderstood topics in the Software Engineering are Smoke testing and Sanity testing. You can see a lot of information available on the internet about these topics. But most of them are not easily understandable or we can say those are confusing. But here you will be able to easily check the Difference between Smoke and Sanity Testing.

Here we will help you to understand these terms in an efficient and easy way.

We will discuss on the following points to check the major differences between both testings

What is Software Build?

A software consists of 1000+ lines of code. To compile and execute that code is not so easy. developer generate the executable program to reduce the complication of this process and the process is known as Software Build in Software Engineering.

What is Smoke Testing?

A special type of testing performed on Software Build to Test the critical functionality of program, which is known as Smoke Testing. This is performed before regression Testing or we can say at the early stages on Software Build. This also save the time of QA Team. It help Developer to reject the low performing program.

The testing tells the developer that the overall functionality is working fine or not.

Process of smoke test involves:

  • To check the application, whether it is launched successfully or not,
  • To test the GUI of the application, that is responsive or not,
  • Test the financial transactions are performing well or not and more….
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Smoke Testing report tell the Tester and makes sure that build is tested by the development team.

What is Sanity Testing?

This is also a special type of software testing that is performed on the software build, when developer deliver the build with the little changes in code or functionality to make sure that those bugs have been fixed in advanced to resolve the workflow issues.

Difference Between Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing

Smoke TestingSanity Testing
Smoke testing perform to test the core functionalities of the program to check all those are working fine or not.Sanity Testing performed to check either the new functionalities or the bugs those have been fixed properly.
The smoke testing verify the stability of the system to perform regression testing in the future.The sanity testing verify the rationality of the system to proceed with more regression testing in the future.
Smoke testing can be performed either by Tester or Developer.Sanity testing is performed by the testers only.
Smoke Testing can be documented and scripted.Sanity testing can not be documented or scripted.
Smoke testing is a type of acceptance testing.Smoke testing is a part of regression testing.
Smoke testing tests the end to end system.Sanity testing test the selected components of a system.
It is like a regular health check-up.Sanity testing is like a special type of health check-up.

The Points which we must have to know before Smoke Testing vs Sanity Testing.

  • Both are performed to save the time by quickly telling us either an application is working properly or not.
  • These Testing makes sure that the Software build is ready for rigorous testing or not.
  • Sanity Testing is performed by the tester and taken as the part of acceptance testing while Smoke Testing is performed by the developers or testers both and consider as the part of rigorous testing.
  • Smoke testing is performed at the build level to check the main functionalities of an application while Sanity testing is done at the release level to check the main functionalities of an application.
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We hope the difference mentioned in the blog will helps you to check the difference between the both Testings.

To know more about these testing Please mention your question in the comment box. Our Experts will clear your all doubts and confusions.

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